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AKAZUKIN CHACHA was created by AYAHANA MIN sensei but her original work is different than the anime version….


This anime is about a red-hooded girl named Chacha along with her two best companion, Riiya and Shiine. Chacha lives near the slope of Mochimochi Mountain as a student of the world's greatest wizard Seravi. She DOES looks cute but unfortunately she's not very good at casting magic. She tends to cast something that 's way too different from what she expected or at least half-right. The whole story is about her daily adventures with her friends of the Urara school of magic where friendship and love became the theme of the story.

Magical Princess Holyup

Chacha has the power to transform herself into a warrior princess that fights evil for peace - Magical Princess Holyup! But in order to transform herself, she needs help from her two loyal companion, Riiya and Shiine. Without those two, she could not transform because the power comes from three magical items which are held by each of them. Chacha usually fights evil demons and monsters that was sent by the Dark Lord, Dai Maou who badly wants Chacha for his revenge, and freedom from a curse that stopped him from conquering the world.

Tangled love

Basically, Chacha likes Seravi because he's the one who took care of here since she was a baby. Yakko however thinks that Chacha is trying to steal him away from her heart. Riiya and Shiine share their same passion towards Chacha and became rival to see who Chacha likes best (but Chacha is unaware of this). Marin also has been struck by cupid and started chasing Riiya around (although Riiya doesn't have the same feeling for her). Pestering enough, Riiya usually transform himself into the wolf form that Marin hates most.  Tsuzu  appears to be quite shy to express her  feeling to Shiine whom saved her from trouble before. Magician Seravi likes no other than his childhood friend, Dorothy but due to her new pink hairdo that he hate so much, both of them quarrel a lot. Dorothy on the other hand changed her blond hair into pink despite being annoyed at Seravi whom acted rather crazy over her. So as you can see, this matter is rather complicated to be solved and it's what made the story interesting.

Nativeland's history

Back in the past, the people of Nativeland were waging a war against the demons who tried to conquer the land. Sorcerers and knight fight viciously but couldn't match their power. Then, Heaven sent down a holy warrior to fight the demons and restore peace. This holy warrior is no other than Goddess Joan who happened to be Magical Princess Holyup at that time. The people were very grateful to her and decided to make her the queen of Nativeland. Goddess Queen Joan then married  King Carlos whom ruled the land and gave birth to a baby girl, but not long after that the Dark Lord Dai Maou himself launched an attack to conquer the land. Queen Joan who has lost her fighting ability couldn't do anything to help. Dai Maou soon found her and the king in the palace and cursed them into stone. Their child however safely escape in the hand of Sir Genus (the child's grandfather) who gave her away to a young knight named Seravi. Sir Genus sacrificed himself fighting the Dark Lord as he lifted a sacred barrier to entrap his enemy between the palace, thus saving the people and her granddaughter….Chacha


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