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<--AcC pAlAcE--> ABOUT ME

Here's some of my personal info:

Name: (can't tell ya yet!) :P
Nickname: Ruff
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Country: Malaysia
Hobbies: Plastic models, badminton, Pc/Ps games (anime RPG, fighting and racing), anime/music, and lot's of others!
Likes: ACC stuff, good-hearted people, freedom ^ ^
Dislikes: 1 tonne of schoolworks, brats, cockroaches (yeee!!), pushy people, boredom

ACC Palace is entirely built using Microsoft Frontpage (c) and Publisher 2001 (c). Special thanks to Jeremy of CCN whom has guided me a lot in building this site. Also to my fellow sisters whose giving all their supports and ideas towards the completion of my life project.

To all ACC fans, I would like to reach my gratitude towards all of you for visiting my site! I hope this site goes on forever and I'll try my best to give you  the best ACC info, stuff and others! To all fellow webmasters and webmistress whose interested to add anything from my site to yours, please inform me about it first. Not everything here are my belongings as some of them are borrowed with permission from their respected owners.

Last but not least, comments and ideas are fully accepted. Please don't kill me if I accidentally put the wrong information somewhere (anywhere!) in here. Alright! Time to pack up and end this speech!

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