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NAME: Piisukee (Japanese)@ Chicky (English)
AGE: (unknown)
LIKES: (unknown)
HATES: (unknown)
SPECIALTY: able to transform into the legendary Phoenix and Phoenix Sword

Chicky is a cute pink female bird whom was found accidentally by Chacha in an abandon village. She live all alone there without her feathered friends. It is said that a stone-bird creature named Goliath has captured all the birds there as its slave and she is the only sole survivor of her kind.

Chicky's size is about the size of an adult's fist. She could be considered as a young bird as she had one MAJOR problem; she can't fly. Chacha encourages her by teaching how to fly with various ideas and some help from Shiine too, but alas nothing came in result (Chicky is able to float a while, though)

Right after the flying lesson, Goliath was summoned by the Dark Lord to destroy Chacha. It came directly to the abandon village using all the birds that has been captured to carry itself there. Goliath was indeed a formidable creature which it can stood against Magical Princess's attacks and almost crush it's enemy under its huge foot. This is when Chicky made her first debut as the legendary Phoenix whom Chacha has been searching for. Chicky transform herself into Phoenix Sword (one of three weapons used by Magical Princess) and beat Goliath to dust.

Chicky became the minor character along the story but the main weapon in every Magical Princess's battle against her enemy. Her important role meet its end when the three magical items (which enable Chacha to transform) was sacrifice to seal a portal. Chicky returns to her cute form and she hardly appears in the story after that. Chicky usually hang around with other minor characters in the story.

Chicky's true form as phoenix and phoenix sword
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