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NAME: Marin
AGE: (Probably 12)
LIKES: popularity among people, Riiya
HATES: Chacha for driving Riiya away from her, monsters
SPECIALTY: able to transform herself into human form or mermaid


Marin is a mermaid who lives in the sea. She seek for a prince of her own but always being pestered by a sea-monster who likes her a lot. Marin's love for Riiya was met when the students of Banana section were having a field trip by the beach. Riiya was drown accidentally as he couldn't swim and he was found by Marin who happened to be  nearby. She brought him somewhere to recover and only to discover that Riiya has lost his memory. Since she really liked him, Marin lied to him that he's her prince. When Chacha found him telling about what Marin had lied to him, Chacha was disappointed and left him. Soon after Riiya regain his memory back (much to Marin's dismay) Chacha became Riiya's best friend again and went back home.       

Later in Urara Gakuen, principle Urara welcomes a new student in the school. It was no other than Marin herself but with a pair of legs. The only reason she came to the land is to chase her prince again (which is a nightmare to Riiya and Chacha). With her spoiled behavior, she's always a trouble for Riiya (luckily she's not in the same class with him). Marin however is one of the 8 Paladins who shares the fate to defeat the Dark Lord. With her magic wand she could perform her magic although she only use it for Riiya and herself. When in a dangerous situation, she would hide herself in a big spiky seashell and leave her friends behind. Marin has a weakness which Riiya can take advantage of . She doesn't recognize him in his wolf form and denies that Riiya could have ever transform into a DOG!

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