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by Cyberwolf and Gamer


"Let's play tag, Riiya!" cried Chacha as she ran down the stairs of her teacher's house. Just a minute ago, Riiya-in wolf form-was siting near the table waiting for his yummy ramen.

Seravi asked Chacha while serving Riiya's food on the table "Have you seen Riiya? His ramen is ready." A second after Seravi finished his question a fast hand grabbed the ramen and the person ate it all in two seconds. "Very delicious, Seravi. I'd like some more."

"Oh, hi, Dorothy I didn't notice you were here," said Seravi, disgusted by the rudeness of his constant companion, Dorothy. "Why did you eat Riiya's food, Dor....."

"WHAT!!" screamed a familiar voice. "Riiya!I'm so glad you're back!" Chacha said as Riiya zoomed right past her. "Chacha, I'm sorry, I have to find out who ate my ramen!" Riiya called back to Chacha.

'Oh, what will I do? If Riiya cries, Seravi will give me one of those stupid lectures he's got in his annoying head.' Dorothy thought.

"WHERE....IS...MY...RAMEN!?" Riiya shouted.

Just then someone came in through the door. "Hi everyone!" Shiine said happily. Unfortunately for him, Riiya did not hear him come in.

'Aha! That's it!' Dorothy thought . "It was Shiine!" Dorothy yelled. "Shiine ate your ramen!"

Suddenly all movement ceased. "Huh? What did I do?!" Shiine cried, confused.

"YOU...ARRRGHHH!" With that, Riiya dashed forward and tackled the young warlock, knocking him outside the cottage. As he stood up, Riiya grabbed the front of Shiine's robes, lifting the brown-haired boy off the ground, and said coldly to him, "This is what you get for eating my ramen."

With that, the angry boy pulled back his fist and hurled it to Shiine's face. WHAM!That sent the sorcerer apprentice hurtling through the sky. "But I didn't do it!"A faint background noise was produced by Shiine's cries. "I'm gonna get that snake if it's the last thing I do!! Come back here, coward!" Riiya cried after Shiine.

The scene of an angry boy-with some very strange characteristics- chasing after a warlock flying through the sky without the help of the warlock's broom attracted the attention of a certain dark lord. This was bad for Riiya. You never want to attract the attention of the Netherworld god.

"Hmmm.The child has so much potential and anger inside of him. Why didn't I notice his bloodlines before?" Daimarou observed. "Sorges!"

"Yes, Master?" Sorges replied. "Call Kula, tell him I want to speak with him now." An image appeared on the blue flame which Daimarou always had in front of him. "Kula,I want you to get that young boy Riiya."

"Oh,you mean that boy that those two girls said was cuter than me. Me, the handsome Kula. Me...." Kula was cut off.

"Just shut up and do it, "Daimarou said impatiently.

"Yes, my master," Kula groveled.

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