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by Cyberwolf and Gamer


'That Shiine really pisses me off.' Riiya thought. "When I'm done with you, you'll have a brand-new Picasso for a face, compliments of Riiya," Riiya yelled, loudly, so Shiine would hear him. "Transform! If I can't find him in human form than I'll track him instead," Riiya saidas he shifted into his other form, a small white wolf cub.

"Where is that little furball anyway?! Cuter than me they said! He's just a little piece of fur with arms and legs!!" Kula screamed. "I'll find you, you little hairball.Then the master will take care of you. He probably wants to dispose of you because you're so ugly! BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Aagh! I'm choking! Help me!"

"Where'd Shiine go anyway? I've been looking for him for hours now," Riiya wondered out loud. "Aha! So there you are, you little furball!" A voice cried.

"Huh? Who was that? Answer me!" Riiya demanded worriedly. "Surely you remember me.I am the most handsome guy in the entire world: *pause for dramatic drumroll* Kula the vampire!" Kula shouted as he stepped forward and grabbed Riiya by the ears.

"Hey, stop that!" Riiya yelled angrily. "Wait a minute. How come you said you're good-looking, you look so pale and ugly."

"ARRGGHHH! That's it!" WHAP! Kula's pride had been hurt. No punishment was too severe for the that impertinent little...

"Hey, that hurt!Try this, you ugly old man!" cried Riiya as he used his super strength to pound Kula into the ground. "Ahhhh! You broke my nail! You'll be sorry!"Kula screamed. "Bats, get him!" shouted Kula as he pointed at Riiya. "Now lets see who gets the last laugh. BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!Ah!I'm choking!Again!Help me!"

"Not again, let's get out of here," the bats said to each another.

"Hey!Let me go!What's your problem!?" Riiya yelled as he tried desperately to hit the bats. "Kula is going to have to pay us extra for this kid. He's such a brat," one bat said. "Yeah, you know, you're right.This kid is squirming so much it's hard to keep hold of him," the others complained while they frantically tried to calm him down. "Hey, kid we're just taking you on a ride, okay?" One bat made a stupid try.The gullible young boy just said, "Oh, I didn't know. Heh. Sorry."

"Boy,I didn't know anyone was so gullible," one bat said to the others.The rest of the way they were just murmuring about how it was so easy to calm the boy down...

"Hey, what's your name anyway?" asked a young bat who was left out the conversation because he was about the same age as Riiya. The adults also think he's stupid, you know how some adults think they're so much better than kids. "The name's Riiya.It's Riyan, actually, but I never could pronounce it when I was a kid so everyone calls me Riiya. Who wants to know?" he asked, tilting his head a little so he could see the bat more clearly.

"Well, I'm Drake. My parents died like 5 years ago.I didn't even know my dad. He died with my mom when they accidentally flew into a hanging wire.He was coming home because he was done working in Lake Mical and to see us for the great celebration.I was so eager to see him for the first time.But, turns out,that he was dead, along with my mom.Now I'm working for Kula so I can get some food to eat.Kula may not be a nice guy-er,vampire-but the food he gives to us bats is delicious."

When Drake turned to Riiya, he saw the young wolf's eyes were big and watery, with tears rushing down his face. "That's the saddest story I've ever heard.WAAHHH!"

"Oh, come on, get a grip. I was the one who lost my parents, remember?"

"I know. It's just that I never knew my parents either, and I feel bad for anyone who lost theirs, like I did," confided Riiya.

"We're nearing Daimarou's castle.Whatever you do, don't talk to me." Drake instructed.

"You mean, we're not friends anymore?" asked Riiya softly, hurt.

"No. It's just so Daimarou won't suspect we're friends. And so the other bats won't suspect it either," replied Drake as he fired some echolocation blasts.

"Wait a minute, who the heck is Daimarou?"asked Riiya.

"You don't know him?!Well, he's the one who sends those monsters to destroy your friend Chocho."

"Chacha,"corrected Riiya as he glanced at the huge castle before him. "Is that Daimarou's castle?"asked Riiya.

"Sure is. Pretty gloomy, huh?" Drake replied.The castle was north of the Mochi mochi mountain and about 177 miles away. Drake did not know it, but his new friend was in deep trouble.

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