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by Cyberwolf and Gamer


"They are nearing the castle my lord. They are 5 miles away from the castle portal," Sorges reported to Daimarou. "Very well, as soon as they are within 2 miles of the castle portal, open the draw bridge and don't close it until the boy is in the in throne room, is that clear?"

"Yes, Master." Sorges replied as he sped off on his broom towards the draw bridge panels.

"Drake, can I ask you one more question?"Riiya asked.


"Will you help me when I'm in trouble?"Riiya asked. "Of course I will.We're friends, remember?" Drake answered.

"Master, the draw bridge is open," Sorges reported as Riiya and the bats were nearing the Dark Castle. "Very well, Sorges.Now prepare the brainwashing room," Daimarou replied in his cold, dark voice. "Let's see how powerful this boy really is. Ha! Ha! Ha!" Daimarou said as his laughter echoed through the castle. 'I hope the plan goes well' Sorges thought as he sped through the the seemingly endless corridor. "That was quite strange.These corridors are not that long," Sorges wondered as the dark lord's mind was making the evil plan that would get rid of Sorges once and for all.

"This is really weird.The castle is soooo big Drake.How can they have built a castle so enormous," Riiya asked, amazed at the size of the castle of the former rulers of Magicland, Chacha's parents.

Daimarou looked at his magic blue flame. 'Interesting, the boy is so powerful.Yet he does not seem to care for school or other academic things.Good, I don't need someone who is well educated. I have made a good choice today, like every other day.But everytime that bumbling fool, Sorges, messes up everything up.' Daimarou thought. " How do I solve this problem!!"Daimarou shouted.The whole castle shook with the bellow of the Netherworld god.

"Who was that?!" Riiya shouted to Drake. " It's the dark master!He's very angry!"Drake replied. Riiya looked pale."He...he's always *gulp* like this?" Riiya asked very softly. Drake looked at the frightened boy. 'Poor Riiya.' he thought. 'He's still pretty young. Like me...'

Riiya and the bats arrived finally to the throne room of the evil god. 'It's so scary' Riiya thought, getting scared fast. "At last, my visitors arrived." Daimarou said in his cold, calm voice.

"Wh..."Just as Riiya gathered all his courage to face the 'Big Boss', as Chacha so quaintly put it, Drake put his wing over Riiya's mouth. "Don't say anything to offend him, or he'll crush you," Drake warned Riiya. But as soon as Drake took his wing off, rejoining the other bats, Riiya screamed out, "You worthless piece of trash!You look like an annoying jester, which you are, and you are more irritating than Shiine, maybe even as irritating as Seravi!!!"

A very loud "GASP!" came from the audience of bats. Drake covered his eyes and ears, expecting to hear a faint scream coming from his friend.But instead he heard Daimarou's thunderous laughter, echoing through the the huge castle.

Daimarou had initially felt a little anger at the boy's bold words, but then he felt pleased. The boy showed he had bravery and a fiery spirit. Well, what else would he expect from Queen Joan's champion of courage? Who would soon be serving the god of darkness instead of a goddess of light, Daimarou's champion of destruction.

'Keep your spirit by all means, boy,' thought Daimarou, pleased. 'You will be much more useful to me as a fire brand than as a brainless cudgel.' Someone with his defiant spirit would be much less likely to give up in a battle, and would need less supervision after he was... 'turned' to the dark side.

"What is your name, boy?" thundered the Dark Lord.

"Why should I tell you?" retorted Riiya belligerently.

"No matter." said the Dark Lord offhandedly, flicking his huge red hand. "Servants! Bring this boy to the Brainscourer."

"Brainscourer?" repeated Riiya, nervously. "What's that mean?"

"Oh, just a machine that sort of uses lost dark magic to...brainwash you..."

"What?" screamed Riiya. He tried to run out of the room, but several of Daimarou's hefty zombies had grabbed him. Their combined might was enough to overpower even Riiya's supernatural strength.

They dragged out to an adjoining room. They plunked him roughly on a leather chair, and put diamondium restraints on his ankles and wrists, so Riiya couldn't move. Riiya ceased his fruitless struggles as a metal helmet, bristling with wire (straight out of old cliched mad-scientist movies) was slowly lowered onto his spiky blue hair, the fear of what was about to happen rendering him motionless. Riiya let out a small, frightened whimper, the likes of which he hadn't uttered since he was a very small cub.

They turned the machine to 'ruthless'. Riiya began to shake with fear. He whined softly in his throat.

Drake was very scared.He wanted to fly away from the horrid castle of the god of darkness.But then he remembered something.At the back of his mind, two young boys' voices floated to him;

'Will you help me when I'm in trouble?'

'Of course I will, we're friends, remember.....'

But there was nothing he could do to save his friend.

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