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NAME: Riiya
AGE: 13
LIKES: Food especially ramen, Chacha
HATES: people who tries to take away his food, bad guys who tries to harm Chacha
SPECIALTY: able to transform into a wolf


Riiya the dog! No, that's not it. Riiya came from a wolfman family that could change into human or wolf  form anytime he likes. His wolf form  doesn't show much of it's vicious or wolf-like appearance and it was often mistaken as a cute-looking dog. This wolf-boy  possesses  the strength of  hundred men besides having a REALLY big appetite. Unfortunately he was born in a big family of a woodcutter and being the youngest, he  always ended up missing his share of food against his no good elders.

Riiya lives with his granpa in the woods along with his elders. He wears a magic bracelet  which was given by Chacha. This is one of the three magical items that enables Chacha to transform into Magical Princess Holyup. Riiya is very protective of Chacha and being a strong one, he always manages to save her from the demons that tried to catch her.

His one and only weakness is his level of intelligence. In other word, Riiya is quite dumb and easily fell into others trap especially when food is involved. His behavior is more like an animal which he care  only care about food sometimes. Nevertheless when Chacha is in trouble, she would be his main subject. Riiya came to know his friend Chacha since little and he really like her very much, although she always called his wolf form 'cute' rather than 'vicious-looking' like he expected.

Riiya doesn't like people who tried to 'steal' Chacha away from him, like his another best friend, Shiine or so-called rival. He would often tried to win Chacha's heart with various kind of things that Riiya couldn't do (such as magic). The only magic that he could do is transformation to his wolf form. Then there is another person who tries to break the bond between him and Chacha. She is deeply in love with Riiya and despite her spoiled manner she would be the first person that Riiya would like to run away from.  She is Marin the mermaid.

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