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NAME: unknown, called himself 'Access the Silver knight'
AGE: (probably in 30's)
LIKES: (unknown)
HATES: (unknown)
SPECIALTY: formidable warrior, has  potent combat skills


'Access the Silver knight' happens to be my most favorite character in the story. His true name is unknown to us. Access once served the royalty of Nativeland but after Dai Maou's attack, he was forced to work under the Dark Lord. For the sake of his beloved wife who was imprisoned by the Dark Lord, Access has to follow every command given without hesitation.
He is very skillful in sword fighting and has a large frame that surely scares his opponent. He's also very formidable as he's the first to resist Holyup's selene arrow along the story.  Access also has a trained falcon named Kokoro (I think..) which can transforms into anything.

Access is a tough opponent for Chacha to battle with. Chacha has to train herself using the Phoenix sword effectively before having a duel with him. Access begin to have a big conflict of his life when he met Shiine. In his past, he sent his most precious treasure to Dorothy (Dorothy kept this matter quietly to herself). It was his son, whom he named him Shiine. As the conflict goes up and this fact was known by Shiine (who's having a hard time believing), he had to ignore this and fight Chacha.

It was all over when Access was defeated by the power of Phoenix sword and was thrown into coma. In his coma he murmured a place where his wife (Shiine's mother) was imprisoned. Shiine with Chacha's and Riiya's help rescued his mother and re-unite his family again. Access was freed from the evil Dark Lord. He and his wife decided to start a new life somewhere before Shiine could live with them. Soon after the Dai Maou's demise, Access came back with his title as the Silver knight and served the righteous king again. His new armor is a bit too colourful though, I really like his dark armor better!

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