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Chacha; always playful and energetic

NAME: Chacha
AGE: 11
LIKES: Searavi's hotcakes, playing with Riiya and Shiine
HATES: rats, demons and the related things
SPECIALTY: kind-hearted, friendly


This red-hooded girl is the main character of the story. She's the student of Seravi, the world's greatest wizard and both of them live together at the slope of Mochimochi mountain. She's a complete na´ve, simple -minded, and clearly NOT a bright student. She frequently cast her magic wrong but she is very kind and friendly with people.

Chacha has a magic pendant which Seravi gave her on her first day of school. With it, she could transform into a magical princess that fights evil demon sent by Dai Maou to capture her. No matter where Chacha goes she'll be always accompanied by Riiya and Shiine, two of her best friends. The trio happened to be in the same class in school and always have fun together besides battling against the enemy.
Chacha's true identity as a royalty was never  revealed to herself nor her friends until Seravi told her that she is the princess of Nativeland that has once escaped from the Dark Lord Dai Maou, while her parents were held captive by him. Dai Maou once tried to rule the land besides destroying every members of the Nativeland royalty. Chacha at last defeated the Dark Lord as the Magical Princess and rescued her family. Everything was back to normal until then.

Later in the story, there's a pair of evil demons who tried to revive the Dark Lord's power by opening a portal to the Netherworld. Chacha manages to close the portal by sacrificing the three magical items and concealed the portal for good. It was a big sacrifice as she couldn't transform into magical princess anymore but despite her big act though, her parents gave her three new accessories as rewards but works a little bit different. These are:-
* crescent aurora bracelet- has the magic to grant her anything she wants
* magic brooch - it's like a storage device that can store ANYTHING inside.
* magic communicator - it's like a telephone. Chacha can talk to her mother anytime she wants.

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