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NAME: (unknown) known as "Magical Princess Holyup"
AGE: (unknown)
LIKES: (unknown)
HATES: (unknown)
SPECIALTY: Has the power to defeat the evil with her three sacred weapon

Magical Princess Holyup is a legendary princess whom fights evil demons and monsters from the Netherworld in order to maintain peace on the Earth. The power to transform into a magical princess comes from the combination of three magical accessories; pendant of love, bracelet of courage and ring of hope. In the series, only Chacha has the power to transform into Holyup.
Holyup (Chacha) uses her three magical weapons which she retrieves from time to time along the episodes. Her first weapon is the 'Magical Serene Arrow' which shoots an arrow of love. The second weapon is the 'Phoenix sword', which possesses stronger power than the first weapon. The final weapon is a shield called "Bird shield" or "Band shield" in the English dubbed version. With these three magical weapons , Holyup successively defeated lots of  the Dark Lord's evil minions.

However, the main enemy in the series is the Dark Lord Dai Maou himself. Chacha (as the magical princess) fought with all her power along with the 8 Paladins (holy warrior) of love, courage and hope. There are 7 peoples join together with her to form the 8 paladins:-

-Holyup (Chacha)            -Dorothy     
-Riiya                               -Yakko
-Shiine                             -Orin Tsutzu
-Seravi                             -Marin

By combining their power, Dai Maou was finally defeated and thus the Royalty of Nativeland was saved, but peace doesn't last forever. Not long after the Dark Master's demise, two evil sibblings from the Netherworld (also a die-hard fans of Dai Maou) stole a royal statue (sacred bird) which could allow them to spread their evil within seconds.

Their main intention was to revive the Dark Lord's terror to the world by opening a secret portal linked to the Netherworld. In the end, Holyup succeeded in defeating the sibblings but it was too late as they have manage to open the portal. Chacha, Riiya and Shiine was forced to use each of their magical accessory to seal of the portal for good, but it was a big sacrifice for them as Chacha shall lose the power to transform herself. Regardless of herself, she chooses to sacrifice her power for other people's sake. This is where the legendary princess meets her end in the series.

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