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NAME: Seravi
AGE: (probably in 20's)
LIKES: Golden-haired Dorothy
HATES: Pink-haired Dorothy
SPECIALTY: high-level sorcerer, master of disguises, excels in  everything he does

Seravi who's also known as the world's greatest wizard lives in a small cottage at the slope of Mochimochi mountain. He took care of Chacha ever since she was a baby and also train her to be a great sorcerer like him. Since Seravi lives alone with his student, he manages all the housework chores himself like cooking, washing the dishes,etc..etc..  Chacha likes his cooking the best.

Seravi is a gifted person who can do almost anything he desires. Seravi is also a master of disguises which he can disguise into anything. To our view, we could see him easily through in any of his disguise but most of the characters in the story couldn't see it's him. Seravi excels his magic naturally. His gifted sorcery is very powerful even in his childhood years.
In his past, Seravi once served as a knight under Sir Genus (Chacha's grandfather) whom also experienced the time when the Dark Lord Dai Maou attacked the Nativeland's palace. Sir Genus sacrificed himself battling Dai Maou while Seravi was ordered by him to take Chacha somewhere safe. Seravi manages to run away from Dai Maou's troop and hid himself near the slope of Mochimochi Mountain (until now).           

Seravi is indeed a genius in everything he does, unfortunately every mortals has it's weakness. Every time Seravi sees this:

Dorothy at her young age..(golden-haired?..)

He'll turn like a maniac! His behavior is ironically different than the calm and wise Seravi that we used to see. Despite this, the girl above cast a spell on her hair which turn the golden-color into pink, and that's the Dorothy we see everyday. Seravi was indeed mad at her for that! Since that, Seravi always has his companion Elizabeth (which looks like young Dorothy) anywhere he goes. Elizabeth voice is done by Seravi by his ventriloquist act and Seravi always talk through his doll if he wants to make fun of Dorothy.

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