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NAME: Shiine
AGE: 11
LIKES: Doing housework chores, Chacha
HATES: Not having any housework chores to do, Bad guys who tries to harm Chacha
SPECIALTY: Intelligent, excels magic, hardworking

Shiine is a student of witch Dorothy and both of them lived in a castle on Orizuri mountain. He's a bit different than Chacha and Riiya as he excels in his academic, sorceries and he likes doing housework chores (cooking, cleaning dishes, etc.) He also has many admirers in his class (but Shiine still likes Chacha more)           

As the owner of the magic ring that Chacha gave him, Shiine also plays an important part in Chacha's battle against her enemy.  He always battle using his magic ball of thunder and his wooden stick with a clutching fist at the end. Shiine's only weakness is that he's easily worn out physically unlike Chacha and Riiya who's born active. Shiine likes Chacha very much since his first meeting. However Riiya was aware of this and he became Shiine's love rival to see who'll win Chacha's heart.             

The truth about Shiine's parents were never revealed until the episode where Chacha had to fight a dark knight who tried to capture her for Dai Maou, the Dark Lord. This so-called knight called himself Access and he was the first formidable opponent for Chacha. It was hard for Shiine to accept that the dark knight is actually his father which was monopolized by the Dark Lord. Using his wife as a hostage, Access has no other choice but to follow Dai Maou's order. Shiine however manages to rescue his mother and brought back his family into one piece. His father was free from the Dark Lord's order and decided to start living as a normal couple. Shiine however decided to stay with his teacher and continue his life as usual.

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