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NAME: Yakko
AGE: (Probably 12)
LIKES: Seravi
HATES: Chacha whom tried to protect Seravi from her
SPECIALTY: able to make magic potions

Kurozukin Yakko (black-hooded Yakko) is one of  Chacha's classmate in Banana section. She's a witch  who would prefer to use her magic potion than magic. Yakko is a bit conceited, hot-tempered and pretty rough especially towards Chacha whom she thinks as a wall between her love with Seravi. Yakko has a HUGE crush on Seravi (although this is quite ridiculous) . She would dreamt about marrying him in the future. Seravi is also aware of this but he usually pretends nothing happened. Besides this, she is also one of  the 8 Paladins warriors who were destined to defeat the Dark Lord Dai Maou.     

Along the story, she often tries to take revenge on Chacha whom she jealous of by conspiring a lot of mischief on her. Sometimes she would join forces with Marin who happened to have grudges on Chacha as well. As you know the main character always survive through unscathed and the final result would always counter back on them.

Yakko also happened to have a special admirer which isn't her type, for he 's kind of timid. His name is Kyle, from the section Orange class. This character  was introduced in the third season, where he's trying to win Yakko's heart with some help from Marin and Tsutzu. Yakko rejects it, of course. In the final episode of the story, Yakko finally realized her wrong-doings from her best friend Orin Tsuzu. She finally turn over a new leaf and wishes to become a better person in the future.

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